How Do I Get My LCD Or Overhead Bulb Replaced?

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Updated: August 5, 2012

LCD Bulbs

These bulbs usually last about 2 – 3 years, depending on use.  We have replacement bulbs in stock for several types of projectors in case yours goes out.  You can always check your bulb life by clicking on the Menu button on the top of the projector and going to the Information section.

Bulb Life

Bulb Life

If your bulb goes out unexpectedly, bring it down to the AV Office after powering off as usual.  It usually takes about 5 minutes to diagnose or replace.

How can you extend your bulb life?

  • Do not unplug your projector until after the lamp has properly cooled. After switching your projector off, the fan may keep running for as long as five minutes in order to cool the bulb evenly and guards against bulb failure.
  • Avoid turning your projector unit on and off frequently during presentations. Turning the power on causes a surge of energy to the lamp, exciting the bulb’s filament. Doing this multiple times in a short period of time causes stress on the filament and will result in early failure of projector bulbs.
  • Avoid moving your projector unit until the lamp has properly cooled. Hot bulbs are extremely fragile and the vibration caused by movement can cause the lamp’s filament to break.
  • Always clean your projector’s filter(s) once a month, depending on how frequently it is used. Clogged filters do not vent heat properly, causing the projector to overheat leading to lamp failure and the need for a replacement bulb.
  • Utilize “low lamp” or “economy mode” functions whenever possible. These options allow the lamp to run at a lower brightness, thus extending lamp life.
  • Picture a little fuzzy? Clean your projector’s lens regularly with a soft cloth. This will guarantee the best image quality.

Overhead Bulbs

Overhead bulbs are much easier to replace.  If you can handle the following instructions, it’s a simple fix you can do yourself. Replacement bulbs are available in AV Office.

1) Unplug projector from wall.

2) Open projector lid. Usually a release button on the side of lid or a screw on the fron of lid.

3) Remove bad bulb from projector with release lever carefully. Some projector don’t have this release lever.  On these you simply detach bulb from socket carefully.

Release Lever On Most Projectors

Release Lever On Most Projectors

4) Using a glove, tissue or soft towel insert new bulb into place or socket. Try not to touch bulb with bare hands.  Oils on your skin can cause your bulb to burn out prematurely.  Quick tip: Same applies to bulbs at home.

5) Close projector lid and test it.  Your done!

For best performance on overhead projectors, try to keep lenses and mirrors clean.


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