How Do I Download Video From YouTube

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Many of you have asked me this question: How can I download the videos from YouTube to use in my classroom? Keep in mind that YouTube is blocked at Pueblo and even if it wasn’t we would have difficulty streaming that video on our SLOW connection. Depending on what computer you have at home, there is software you can download that I have personally tested to make this possible.

For your information, FLV or Flash Video has become very popular for streaming video. We use it on our site as well. Only thing is that you have to take a few more steps to make it accesible on your desktop.

For PC Users
If you are running any Windows Operating System, your options are a little more limited. First, you will have to install Firefox Internet Browser. As a side note, Firefox offers a better web experience and offers better security on the web than Explorer. I highly recommend that you make the conversion. Visit the Firefox site to download and install this free software.

The easiest software to capture FLV video is called Web Video Downloader and can be purchased for $19.95 at Once you install this software you will have a special icon on the Toolbar of your browser that will allow you to complete the capturing process. (Screenshot below) It was very easy to use and effective.

SoThinkMedia Screenshot

Icon that appears in Firefox BrowserThere are several video tutorials and manuals on the site that will guide you through the steps. There is a trial period for this software so download it and check it out.

For Mac Users (The Smart Ones)
There seems to be more software for this service on a Mac. For $8.00, the one I am recommending and currently using, is called Videobox and you can download it at It’s very and I mean really simple to use.

Once you download and install, you copy the url (web address) of the video you are watching on YouTube and paste it in the program window. The program automatically detects the FLV video you are trying to capture and Done! That easy! (Screenshot below)

Videobox Screenshot

Easy drag and drop of url for conversion
Videobox offers a trial period too. So you can try it and see if it will work for you. Chances are you will fall in love with this little program as fast as I did.

Once you have the video converted, all you need is a Flash Drive (If you don’t have one, get one) to bring to school and project on your screen. Let me know if you have any problems or if you are currently using a program that is easier to use. There are freebies out there, but those don’t offer as many options and they are not user-friendly.

This software not only works with Youtube, but with all streaming video sites out there. (Google, MSN, Myspace and others.)


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