How Do I Sign-Up For Computer On Wheels?

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Sign-Up with the Media Specialist.  This service gets booked up very quick, so try to plan ahead.  It’s great exposure to new technology and it’s an alternative to going to our computer labs.


Mobile Lab may be checked out for 1 week per semester.

Extensions will be granted if no else has signed up for the following week or if arrangements are made with teacher that has signed up.

When not in use, keep cabinet locked at all times. If your room is not secure, please return cart to AV Department each day.

When not in use disconnect wireless transmitters and routers. (All electonic units on table top connected to power strip)

The laptops are numbered and must be signed out to students. (Sheets in notebook. Please use daily)

Do not remove chargers for any reason.

Please wind up the long Ethernet Cord when you finish.

Use common sense in the appropriate treatment of the mobile lap.


Make sure “Wireless BLUE Light Is On” by pressing button with blue light.

Make sure you are selecting “TUSD” as your server.

Make sure wireless transmitters are pluged in. (Power strip on table top)

Make sure you connect long Ethernet Cord to your drop. (Connection for your computer)


Report any laptops that are not working & problems.

Return key and mobile cart to AV Department.

Note: We have a Mac COW too, it’s getting imaged and will be available soon.


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