Clean That LCD Projector Filter

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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping the filters clean. The #1 cause for projector malfunction is running a projector with dirty filters.  I can almost guarantee that when a projector fails, I will find that the filter has a layer or two of filth or dust on it.

When you don’t clean your filter, you will notice that your projector gets dimmer.  This means you just cut your bulb’s life span by a significant percentage.  When you get to this stage, it’s usually a matter of hours before your projector overheats and your bulb cracks.

Please take the time to slide the filter(s) out of your projector and dust them off.

How, you ask? With projector OFF, I clean it by running my fingers over the foam above a trash recepticle. If you have a small brush or dry cleaning towel, you can use that too. Don’t be so rough because you may tear foam. Slip back in the appropriate slot.

Can I use water? You can, but MAKE SURE foam is completely dry before inserting it back in slot!


Clean That Filter!

The unit pops up an automatic warning when it needs to be cleaned. Get in the habit of cleaning it once every other month. You will extend the life of the bulb and the unit.  You will also need to go into your projectors menu and reset the filter hours so that it reminds you to clean them soon again.

Please Note: Some units have more than one filter.


6 Responses to “Clean That LCD Projector Filter”

  1. Your articles are interesting and so useful for me. Thank you for sharing great information!

  2. Today when responding to a clean filter command, I found out that my ceiling projector has 2 filters. So I cleaned the second one for the first time today. Not very pretty.

  3. I need a new foam filter for a Sharp XG-NV4SU. CAN YOU HELP ME?

  4. I have been cleaning my filters. But I still keep getting a message that they are dirty and need to be cleaned. What should I do?

  5. After cleaning the foam filter or other type of filter (check the online manual for your model projector), you need access the projector menu and find the place where you can erase the filter hours. Again this information is in the projector manual. You need to do the same thing with the lamp hours when you change the bulb. Then the clean filter message will go away…. until the next time. My school has nec projectors and each model has a different number of filters and they are located in different places on each model. They are all ceiling mounted so clenaing the filters can be a challenge.

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