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Embedding is a means of physically inserting a video clip into an application so that it plays within the presentation.

Many educators would like to use multimedia files in their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This may seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. However, using the new PowerPoint 2007, accomplishing this couldn’t be easier. Here’s how:

Embedding Or Linking Video To PowerPoint

We are assuming you already have the video you wish to embed in your presentation somewhere on your desktop or hard drive.

  1. Create a folder and label it “Presentation” (you can name it whatever you like).
  2. Drag or copy the movie file(s) you plan to use in that folder.  (WMV works best)
  3. Open a PowerPoint Presentation and save it to that same folder.
  4. When it’s time to insert movie files to your presentation, select them from this same folder.
  5. When you are finished you should have all files you need in one folder.

The actual process of inserting a video clip is really easy.

  1. In PowerPoint create a new presentation or open an existing one
  2. Choose which slide you want the presentation to be in or add it to an existing slide
  3. From the top menu, click on the Insert ribbon. Then choose Movie & Sound – Movie From File.
  4. In the popup box, search for your movie file (in the folder you created) and add it.
  5. You can resize, move, & pretty much position video where you want on the screen.

If you will be presenting on another computer, you have to make sure you have the movie file in the same folder as your presentation. PowerPoint DOES NOT save the movie file all together.

This is a video of the same step by step instructions from above.

That’s all there is to it.  Pretty simple huh?

Downloading & Adding YouTube Videos To PowerPoint

If you don’t want to depend on an internet connection,  you can convert YouTube Video with Zamzar’s Online service and then use the instructions above.  Make sure you convert the video to WMV, since it works the best!  If not, Powerpoint will not recognize it and you won’t be able to see it.

Videos make presentations a little more dynamic and used thoughtfully add the perfect touch to your message. Always test your presentation before beginning your keynote.


29 Responses to “Embed Video On Microsoft PowerPoint”

  1. This wasn’t quite what I was looking for. It’s an excellent tutorial on linking a video, but not embedding.

  2. You are correct this is “linking” not embedding.

  3. […] Re: embed video in powerpoint See here: Embed Video On Microsoft PowerPoint The Laundry Room […]

  4. This was so useful!
    5 stars!

  5. Thank you! You saved my powerpoint presentation with this great tutorial!

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  8. Interesting point you make, very well thought out.

  9. I understand what you mean by linking. But to me it’s the easiest way.

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  11. How do you do this for PP 2003?

  12. If I want to present my presentation on other PC, do I need to paste my folder on the same path/directory where i made the presentation?? ex. I saved my folder in root of my drive C:\, do also need to paste my folder in other PC’s drive C:\ ??

  13. If I want to present my presentation on other PC, do I need to paste my folder on the same path/directory where i made the presentation?? ex. I saved my folder in root of my drive C:\, do I also need to paste my folder in other PC’s drive C:\ ??

  14. what a waste of time. I despise Microsoft products for being non-intuitive and a complete nightmare to work with. So this is the year 2010 yet we still can’t EMBED a video into a PowerPoint file to allow and end user to view the video without having to have the seperate resource stored WITHIN the Power Point file and NOT as a seperate file.

    But of course we DO have the pretty RIBBONS at the top of the application for us to get lost in. Great idea, let’s not make the new product better, let’s just make it DIFFERENT. Great job Microsoft….

    Microsoft, you STINK. And BTW, of COURSE a WMV works BEST, it is a MICROSOFT file.

    • Chill out “Carl”. Why so much nerd-rage with Microsoft? Sounds like an Apple fanboi to me…

      • Probably because there is NO WAY to *embed* a video into a PPT deck. You can only link to a video – this means you can’t email a deck to someone and be sure that they see the actual video. This is reliant on either a broadband internet connection or having the video file on the recipient’s machine.

        That doesn’t sound like a “fanboy” complaint, but rather a legitimate usability function. In this case, Microsoft has failed.

  15. Awesome post! I was able to play it on my computer but not on another PC. This is the only site that mentioned that the movie had to be in the same folder as the presentation. Thanks so much! Linking works just fine for me!

  16. You can embed video within powerpoint: by converting the video files to a flash swf. file. You can then use your developer icon within powerpoint to insert shockwave flash (swf) this will embed the video within your presentatiion. No folder or links are associated

    • Dave,

      With this method, you are still required to specify a path where the .swf file resides which is either locally on the PC or on a server.

  17. Okay, I’ve followed these instructions to the letter, but it still doesn’t work! The vid displays as an image, and won’t play, then flicks to a white screen. What am I doing wrong?

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  19. Videos from Youtube can be easily inserted in PowerPoint through authorSTREAM desktop which can be downloaded from
    It lets you search for images (from Bing) and videos (from YouTube) and then insert those in PowerPoint slides
    Or Youtube videos can also be inserted through URL/Embed.
    I found it quite useful for creating rich PowerPoint content.

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    Necesito realizar presentaciones de medicina con videos de patologias pero para cumplir con exigencias éticas debo recortar la imagen proyectada durante la película de manera tal que se vea solamente el area de interes y evitando nombre e identificacion del enfermo. Se puede usar alguna herramienta de PowerPoint para tal fin?

  21. Great streamlined directions on inserting the video.
    After I insert 5 videos in a long ppt presentation the presentation won’t open. At least not after 5 minutes of waiting for ‘things to happen’. Any insight?

  22. Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert, Insert and Embed all Kinds of Video to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to Play in PowerPoint

    you will find a step by step guide on how to insert kind of videos including YouTube video, iMovie videos, iTunes videos and more to PowerPoint.

  23. This was okay, but the issue I’m having is really more confusing. I’ve been quite successful in linking the movies as stated above, BUT on a couple of occasions, I’ve gotten the White Rectangle when I’ve clicked on a linked movie in my video. I have found that when I drag the movie file to my desktop and then link it to my ppt from the Desktop, THEN the video plays! Why in the world would this happen and even more importantly, how can I change the “path” of the video so that I can load it directly from the folder in which I’ve also saved the ppt? I’m hoping to get some help on this!

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  25. The flash object functionality worked far better in 2003 version of Power Point. 2010 is a nightmare and when I insert video .swf file Microsoft says it embeds, but it NEVER DOES IT it’s always an absolute path and not relative at that. the flash object functionality in 2010 drops the link and will not save properly after viewing once. boo.

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