Mobile Technology Through The Years

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I can still remember when my mom asked me, “¿para que necesitas un beeper?” For those of you who don’t read Spanish the translation is, “why do you need a beeper?” Once I explained how she would be able to get a hold of me I won her over. The rest, shall we say is history. 

Here’s a brief run down of the mobile technology I’ve owned through the years. How time flies!

Beeper 1993


Beep, Beep

It all started with the Motorola Bravo Plus. I bought this with a summer job with the City of South Tucson before my Junior year at Pueblo. Very limited in functions, but did the job. Still remember my mom paging me 911 on the weekends after 11:00 p.m.



I kept using pagers until after high school. Remember I used two more models after that in different colors. The Motorola LS550 was a big upgrade because you could receive very short text messages. Big upgrade from having to stop and make a phone call to find out why they needed you.

Hello Moto

I could not believe the first time I saw someone using a cellular phone. It was big, but all that mattered was that it worked. No more having to stop what you were doing, find a quarter and return the page you just received. I had to convince my parents once again and justify why I would be spending half of my monthly income on this device.



I felt great, when I made my first phone call home. My mom couldn’t believe that I was calling her from Rincon Cleaners around the corner on my drive home. I think I felt liberated, from wires?

You could set up speed dial on 9 of your favorite numbers by holding down a particular key. There was only one or two ringtones and it was heavy to carry on your belt. The battery lasted forever and it would get really hot. So hot, that it was better not to use it for an extended amount of time. It could only get better from here.



I introduce you the Motorola StarTac 75 Flip phone. What an upgrade! I can’t remember exactly what it cost me, but it was expensive at the time. This phone was cool because of it’s size. Battery life was an issue but never a problem. I started giving the personal demonstrations with this phone. You know, when they ask you, “what is that?” You almost feel like you have to show them.

Text Messaging

I had been faithful to Motorola for some time now, but when I saw the controversial commercial for the Nokia 3650 I made the change. This was my first camera and video phone. I also started surfing on WAP network which is a text only version of the web. I still have some videos and pictures from this phone.



A new feature I started using frequently was text messaging or mini-emails in my opinion. With this feature I saw myself making less and less phone calls. Voicemail was also fairly new. No more missed calls. 

The speaker phone option was also new in this model. You could also purchase ringtones from the mobile internet it came with.

I’ve always been a pro Sony consumer. Ask me to recommend a TV, DVD, VCR, car steareo, home stereo, and any other electric device out there, I would recommend a Sony. Only natural to give their mobile phone a shot.



I tried the Sony Ericcson T300 for a couple of months and I hated it. It was sluggish and the cursor square was hard to use. I made a bad decision selling the Nokia 3650 to Rob Girard. I know Sony Ericcson has improved their line of phones, but I promised myself never to buy one again. 

Smart Phones

How do you determine that a phone is smart? I guess it’s determined by how well it keeps you organized and that’s what they did. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the Sony, I bought the Palm Treo 180 on eBay.



The new technology of sim cards and GSM made buying unlocked phones a huge market. You didn’t need to purchase directly from the Cellular Store anymore.

This phone gave me the feeling of having a mini-laptop with me at all times. I started using my contacts, calendar, to-do lists and email more often. Entering data was so easy with a full QWERTY keyboard. The mobile internet was still behind and wasn’t very useful. I liked this device very much so I upgraded to the Palm Treo 600 when it came out. I honestly thought this phone had it all and that it couldn’t possibly get any better.



Huge color touch screen, organization applications and 1 mega pixel camera. I enjoyed everything this phone did, but what I wasn’t paying attention to was how much the data plans were costing me. This is when I first realized that Telecommunication companies are out there to squeeze you dry. I had to take a step back.

Motorola Again

I believe everyone on this planet has owned a Motorola Razr at some point in their lifetime. This phone was hot from day one. A thin, stylish flip phone that fit anywhere. Had a decent camera for both photo and video. Sending MMS was a new thing that was catching on and you could do it easily on this phone. Other than looking up movie times, still no useful internet.



This phone was fun in a way, but was lacking email, calendar and other applications I had come to like on the Palm Treo. I kept the Razr for 2 years using the first 2 models. I almost upgraded to the Crazr featuring a little known application called iTunes in 2006, but instead I went on a total new direction.


My friend, Andy, recommended me the Blackberry Curve. He said that if email is what I wanted, this would be the device for me. He was right. That’s why they call these Crackberry’s! You can’t help but to check who or what emailed you. It’s addicting and annoying at the same time.



Other features included a more useful internet, Google Maps and a media player. You could upload your music and movies for your listening and viewing pleasure. Kept me organized with the calendar and contacts entry. Texting was simple with the QWERTY keyboard. Didn’t know how much I missed it since switching from the Treo. I was very pleased with this phone and once again I thought, could it get any better than this?

Hello World

Rumors started popping up on the internet about this new device called an iPhone by Apple. The following commercial at the Oscars in 2007 gave us the first glimpse at the future in mobile phone technology.

Once again you can blame my tech friend, Andy, for making me switch to the iPhone and I don’t regret switching one bit. It’s not perfect, yet! I believe in Steve.



The first generation iPhone was just as advertised. Internet, email, contacts, calendar and to top it all of a wide-screen iPod. Syncing your content has never been easier. It was an elegant device that fit perfectly in your hand. Touch screen makes navigating the interface quickly and easy. (Unless you have huge fingers)

You can load your favorite music, movies and rentals. Apple also has an App Store where you can purchase useful and some unnecessary applications. iTunes is also available to you on a WiFi area. I can go on and on.



I recently upgraded to the iPhone 3G and I’m very satisfied with this version too. I’m almost afraid to say that it doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Well, there you have it. A brief history of mobile technology in my pocket/belt. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this chapter. Can’t wait!


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  1. Here’s a cool picture representing the timeline of the first cell phone call made. Today is the anniversary of the first call made in Oct. 13, 1983.

  2. I believe this offer is the best aspect ever.

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