iPhone 3G USB Adaptor Replacement

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Don't Get Shocked!

Apple issued a recall for the USB Adaptor that’s used to charge your iPhone 3G. I guess there was a risk of electrical shock. It’s simple to order your replacement. You will need your iPhone 3G serial # and having an Apple ID makes the process faster. If you don’t you’ll probably have to create one. You can either do it online or walk in to the nearest Apple Store with your iPhone 3G and USB Adaptor in hand.

For the lazy ones exchanging adaptor online here’s what you do.

1) Log on to the following website:

2) Select Your Country

3) Enter your Serial #. Which you can get by tapping on Settings->General->About->Serial Number.

4) You will enter your shipping information by login with your Apple ID (same as your iTunes account) or creating a new one.

5) You will get a confirmation page which you can print to PDF just in case package is lost.

6) It took 5 days for my replacement to come. Once you receive it, exchange it with the one in the box which has a bright green dot and ship your faulty one back within 10 days. If you don’t, you will be charged $29.

In the US they have a return label behind the shipping label that just peals off. I took my sealed box to DHL Drop-off at Office Max or you can schedule a pick-up online or on the phone with DHL.

That’s it. Simple!

Sorry I didn’t tell you sister! I thought I did, I don’t want you to get shocked…


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