Buffalo Wild Wings

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Address: Irvington & I-19

Time to get there: 8 min.


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Just went today to this new location and 2nd in Tucson. I really enjoy the HDTV’s everywhere environment. Feels like I’m at home watching TV and having lunch with some friends. I think I counted 48 TV’s of all sizes and definitions.

I had the lunch special of 10 wings – 10 wedges – in 10 minutes for $5.99 plus a Cherry Coke.  You can choose from their many flavors and spicy levels of traditional or boneless wings. I had the Mild Boneless with Ranch and were very good. Not the best I’ve had, since that honor belongs to Buffalo Bells on 6th & Ajo. I was pleased with the taste of both the wings and fries. Service was friendly and speedy. We will definitely come back to this place.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bar

We counted more than 50 TV's!

We counted more than 50 TV

Been to Buffalo Wild Wings? What do you recommend? Leave a comment below…


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  1. I ate the spiciest wings they offer. The flavor was real good. Not the hottest ones I’ve ever had. I agree that Buffalo Bells’ are the best wings. But the place has atmosphere and looks to be like a great place to catch a game. For lunch, it was fast, friendly and affordable.

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