Lute Olson Retires

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Coach O' & Coach O

I have been following University of Arizona Basketball since 1988, when that famous W-I-L-D CATS jingle was being played everywhere! Remember that? (If not, here it is)

It sure makes the winter go by faster here in Tucson with the Cats playing. It’s probably the best sports entertainment we have in town next to Spring Training. Everything else is a drive up I-10 in Phoenix.

Names like Elliott, Kerr, Bibby, Stoudamire, Simon, Jefferson, Arenas and on and on have been fun to watch. We’ve been spoiled for quite some time and it’s all thanks to Lute. In his words, it is time for the ‘next generation of basketball.’ 

The news yesterday was that he was planning to step down from coaching and sure enough it is official today that he will retire from coaching at the University of Arizona for health issues. It’s been a nice run for him and he leaves a program that is well recognized in Division I Basketball. These will be no easy shoes to fill.

Here’s what was reported on ESPN:

This will be an attractive job opening and the U of A will bring a top-notch, young coach to start a new era in Arizona Basketball.

Thanks for the memories LUUUUUUUUUUTE!

Side Note: The picture above is of Pueblo’s Baskeball Coach Barry O’Rourke and Lute Olson during one of the many Summer Camps held here in Tucson. Photo was taken in the late 1980’s.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed the many year’s of entertainment that Lute has brought to Tucson. There is a walk/run for Bobbi Olsen’s cancer fund on Nov. 15th.
    Check out this link for more details:

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