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How To Add Signature In Microsoft Outlook

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If you are tired of typing your contact information in Outlook everytime you type up an email, here is a tip that will help you with that. I’m using Outlook 2007 as an example and it’s basically the same for all versions of Outlook.

Once logged in to Outlook, go to Tools in the Top Menu & select Options.

In the Options panel, click on the tab labeled Mail Format and select the box that says Signatures. Your panel should now look like this:

Signature Panel

Example of Signature Panel

You will be clicking on New to add a signature on the panel above. It will ask you to name it. If you see in my example above, I created two signatures.

One is my MAIN signature which goes on every new email I send.

The second is a REPLY signature that is used whenever I reply to an email.

I do this because I don’t want my main signature every time I reply. My reply signature has only my name on it. It’s good email etiquette, you don’t want you main signature all over the place. Especially on those emails you go back and forth with the sender. It can make it difficult to read.

You have the options of adding a picture, a link and to format the text as you wish. Always remember that simple is better.

Make sure to set your defaults on the right side as shown on the example. Those options designate which signatures you want Outlook to use for the specific tasks I mentioned above.

Now, every time you type up a new message your customized signature will automatically appear.



I Jailbroke My iPhone 3G

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After much internal debate on whether I should Jailbrake my iPhone 3G or not, I took the plunge on Sunday. You may wonder why I had not done it already? I don’t know if it’s just me, but every set of instructions I read were to complicated or risky. Simply not worth the hassle. When I’m unsure of something technical, I usually just wait.

A friend of mine emailed me the Gizmodo Post on instructions on how to do this. I read them over and they were the first instructions that seemed simple enough to make me do it.

It took me a few downloads and restarts on my iMac and I was ready to run QuickPwn for Mac OS X. After about 10 minutes the iPhone rebooted and I started loading programs on Cydia. A weird feeling of betrayal comes over you for a second. Then you start using programs you’ve been missing and you feel like Neo from The Matrix. Jailbrake = Unplugged! Why has Apple or AT&T decided to keep us from these basic features you find on every other phone?

The final process of the Jailbrake process

The final process of the Jailbrake

The #1 reason I Jailbroke my iPhone was for video capabilities. (Come on Apple! Probably AT&T…) The first programs I installed were Qik and Cycorder. Both programs are just what I was missing from my iPhone. Instant satisfaction!

I played around with other applications like Snapture, which I will purchase, and Winterboard. I like some of the features of Winterboard but I don’t want my iPhone looking like a MySpace page. So I kept my default Springboard.

I also tried the Cut & Paste application called Clippy. Although it’s in Beta, it works remarkably well. (Again, Come on Apple!)

This comic describes how I feel about my improved iPhone:


Before you start passing judgment, I also Jailbroke my wife’s iPhone and she loves that she can now play her childhood’s favorite game Mario Bros and record her dog Cochi playing around.

For now I am happy with the 4 apps on my Jailbroken iPhone. I haven’t seen any lag or experienced any crashes on my iPhone. If you are debating whether to Jailbrake or not, the Gizmodo post is easy and harmless. I encourage you to try it. In keeping with the Matrix theme, Morpheus compares it “to trying to free your mind.”

Make sure you run a new back-up on iTunes of your iPhone before trying this. Worst comes to worse, you can ALWAYS RESTORE.

Thanks for the URL himess33.


New Copy Procedure

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1) Please use the Copy Request forms at all times. This makes it so much easier for us. You can always download them ahead of time by visiting

2) When submitting your order, please attach your name tag to your order. If you don’t have one, new and returning teachers, I will be making you one this week so that you don’t feel left out.

Place your Name Tag on copy order.

3) Make sure to fill out completely, you’d be surprised how many forget to write down the amount of copies needed.

4) When you pick up your copies, make sure to remove your tag and place in your departments slot and color code.

Return Tags to Tray.

Return Name Tags to tray.

We always try to save paper! Please THINK BEFORE YOUR COPY! Write it on the board, use a transparency, LCD projector, limit single sided copies, 2 on sheet and class sets. (More tips on website)


How Do I Get Copies?

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Updated: August 5, 2012

Teachers and Student Aides are not permitted use of Copy Machine. Only some Teacher Assistants and Copy Assistants trained by me are allowed use of machine.


We are not allowed to duplicate copyrighted material. That means no books, workbooks and magazines in general. (With Few Exceptions) Please provide a hard copy of the material to expedite the order.  Turning in books, workbooks and magazines slows our turn-around time.

To keep the machine in working order, requests with dark pictures and edges will be returned so they can be covered or cut.  Such dark pictures and edges wear out the fuser and consume more dry ink.  This is the number one cause of machine failure.


Please keep your copy orders simple by avoiding bulky packets and limiting yourself to 1-4 sheets per job.  We understand that packets will be needed from time to time. Please allow more time on orders with 10 or more originals.

When submitting your order, you must use “Official Copy Request Form“. Paper clip your form to your originals along with your name tag. Double check your order before turning it the basket.  Orders with out proper form will be returned incomplete.

Have your originals in good condition.  You may want to retype some originals or recopy some maps that have started to fade. Remove all staples.

Sometimes a small part of your work goes to a third sheet when using normal margins in Microsoft Word. By adjusting your paper margins you make better use of a full sheet.You can also decrease your font size by one to make it fit.

When you pick up order, please return your name tag to tray.


Before submitting your order ask yourself:

  • Can I write it on the board?
  • Can I use an overhead sheet?
  • Can I use my LCD projector?
  • Did I fill out the Request Form properly?
  • Can I put two on a page?
  • Can I run a class set only?

Our policy is not to compromise your teaching techniques. All we ask is that you be more conscientious about your copying needs. Thank you for your cooperation and patience! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Copy Room hours will be from 8:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Teachers will have access to Copy Room to drop off or pick up orders all day.

(Machine will be off after 11:30 a.m.)

Cut-off time for daily requests is 11:00 a.m. Anything turned in after that will be done the next business day. We usually run a 24 hour turn-around time.

During open hours:
Students can drop-off or pick-up copies
* Don’t send students with keys or have them ask someone to open door.

During closed hours:
Don’t send any students to drop off or pick-up copies after those hours.
* Only Teachers & Staff will have access

Only EXTREME EMERGENCIES will be done after those hours.

For example:
* Teacher has to leave campus
* Administration requests

This will allow me the time to do other assigned duties.Suggestions on how we can improve our service are always welcomed.

AV requests will be handled all day and this includes: Overhead bulbs, Overhead/LCD Projector Problems & TV/DVD/VCR Units


How Do I Check-Out AV Equipment?

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We have the following Audio Visual Equipment for check-out to teachers:

Overhead Projector

TV with DVD/VHS Player
Computer On Wheels
Video Camera (Mini DV)
Slide Projector
Classroom size P.A. System

LCD Projector
Portable Screens
Extension Cord With Surge Protector

Email me or come see me for availability of this equipment.
If you will be reserving an area of the building after school hours and will need an AV Setup, you will have to go through the Facilities Office to reserve or check-out equipment.
For a printable list of AV Equipment available click here.


How Do I Get Transparencies Made?

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Updated: August 5, 2012

We will provide the Transparency Sheets for you.  Fill out Copy Request Form and check-off the Transparency box. Attach originals and your name tag.

Try to avoid:

  • Dark images
  • Blurry or old originals


How Do I Get Materials Laminated?

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Updated: August 5, 2012

Lamination is done every Tuesday during 6th Period.

You may turn in materials to the Lamination Drop-Off Shelf anytime before that.

Lamination Shelf

Lamination Shelf

Easy as 1-2-3

1) Make sure to write your name on the back of all items being laminated.

 2) The maximum width off materials that can be laminated is 27″.

 3) Pick up the next day.  We are not responsible for items left for more than 10 days.