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I Jailbroke My iPhone 3G

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After much internal debate on whether I should Jailbrake my iPhone 3G or not, I took the plunge on Sunday. You may wonder why I had not done it already? I don’t know if it’s just me, but every set of instructions I read were to complicated or risky. Simply not worth the hassle. When I’m unsure of something technical, I usually just wait.

A friend of mine emailed me the Gizmodo Post on instructions on how to do this. I read them over and they were the first instructions that seemed simple enough to make me do it.

It took me a few downloads and restarts on my iMac and I was ready to run QuickPwn for Mac OS X. After about 10 minutes the iPhone rebooted and I started loading programs on Cydia. A weird feeling of betrayal comes over you for a second. Then you start using programs you’ve been missing and you feel like Neo from The Matrix. Jailbrake = Unplugged! Why has Apple or AT&T decided to keep us from these basic features you find on every other phone?

The final process of the Jailbrake process

The final process of the Jailbrake

The #1 reason I Jailbroke my iPhone was for video capabilities. (Come on Apple! Probably AT&T…) The first programs I installed were Qik and Cycorder. Both programs are just what I was missing from my iPhone. Instant satisfaction!

I played around with other applications like Snapture, which I will purchase, and Winterboard. I like some of the features of Winterboard but I don’t want my iPhone looking like a MySpace page. So I kept my default Springboard.

I also tried the Cut & Paste application called Clippy. Although it’s in Beta, it works remarkably well. (Again, Come on Apple!)

This comic describes how I feel about my improved iPhone:


Before you start passing judgment, I also Jailbroke my wife’s iPhone and she loves that she can now play her childhood’s favorite game Mario Bros and record her dog Cochi playing around.

For now I am happy with the 4 apps on my Jailbroken iPhone. I haven’t seen any lag or experienced any crashes on my iPhone. If you are debating whether to Jailbrake or not, the Gizmodo post is easy and harmless. I encourage you to try it. In keeping with the Matrix theme, Morpheus compares it “to trying to free your mind.”

Make sure you run a new back-up on iTunes of your iPhone before trying this. Worst comes to worse, you can ALWAYS RESTORE.

Thanks for the URL himess33.



Google Earth Great Teaching Tool

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The song lyrics, “he’s got the whole world in his hands” become a virtual reality with Google Earth! I’ve been using it since 2006 when it was called Earth Viewer. It’s quite amazing to be able to ‘fly’ to any spot in the world and get hi-resolution imagery on your computer/projector screen. It’s almost like being there, believe me.

You can add many layers to the virtual map such as terrain, roads, 3D buildings and images. It’s getting better and better with the addition of 3D renderings of The Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Red Square and many more. You have to see them to appreciate them. Here’s an example of how Downtown Tucson, AZ looks with the 3D buildings layer turned on:

Downtown Tucson in 3D

Downtown Tucson in 3D

It’s a very simple program to use and the best part is that it’s a free download available for Windows and Mac. Here’s how to install it: 

1. Visit to download the program free.

2. Complete install and you are set.

3. Visit the brief video tutorials site that helps you get going. Here’s a sample:

That’s it! You can really use this as a teaching tool to transport your class to the destination on the globe you may be talking about, including Antarctica! I use it all the time, even more so now that it’s available for the iPhone & iTouch. See it in action as it zooms in to Pueblo:

Forget my hands, now I can have the whole world in my pocket!


iPhone 3G USB Adaptor Replacement

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Don't Get Shocked!

Apple issued a recall for the USB Adaptor that’s used to charge your iPhone 3G. I guess there was a risk of electrical shock. It’s simple to order your replacement. You will need your iPhone 3G serial # and having an Apple ID makes the process faster. If you don’t you’ll probably have to create one. You can either do it online or walk in to the nearest Apple Store with your iPhone 3G and USB Adaptor in hand.

For the lazy ones exchanging adaptor online here’s what you do.

1) Log on to the following website:

2) Select Your Country

3) Enter your Serial #. Which you can get by tapping on Settings->General->About->Serial Number.

4) You will enter your shipping information by login with your Apple ID (same as your iTunes account) or creating a new one.

5) You will get a confirmation page which you can print to PDF just in case package is lost.

6) It took 5 days for my replacement to come. Once you receive it, exchange it with the one in the box which has a bright green dot and ship your faulty one back within 10 days. If you don’t, you will be charged $29.

In the US they have a return label behind the shipping label that just peals off. I took my sealed box to DHL Drop-off at Office Max or you can schedule a pick-up online or on the phone with DHL.

That’s it. Simple!

Sorry I didn’t tell you sister! I thought I did, I don’t want you to get shocked…


My Current Phone – iPhone 3G

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I’m currently using the iPhone 3G as my handheld device. After having the 1st Generation iPhone from day one, updating to this one was a no brainer. (No I didn’t wait in line) This is by far, the most useful device for my line of work and interests. I’ve had it for 2 months now and here are my thoughts on it so far.

I can check my work and personal email directly on my device. I can also respond, send pictures and files if needed. It’s so simple to setup multiple accounts.

I’ve always loved music. I have about 2,000 songs and podcast I can listen to on my downtime. I can also connect the iPhone to my car stereo or home system when needed. Being so simple to connect to any sound system has saved me both at work and social gatherings.

Google Maps & GPS
There is no such thing as being lost with this device. Google maps and GPS makes searching for an address or current location a breeze. It also gives you turn-by-turn instructions to any destination.

When Steve Jobs announced the Apps Store, I knew this feature would be a complete game changer for this device. I admit, some applications available have no use what so ever. They shouldn’t even be allowed. How many flashlight or tip calculators do we need? Anyways, there are about 20 applications that make this device so much better. Some of my favorites: Apple Remote, Air Sharing, NetShare, MySpace, MLB at Bat, & QuickVoice.

Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book iPhone

Mobile Safari
It’s literally the internet in your pocket. It does not support Flash yet, but it’s quite useful for me to have my favorite websites available at any moment. Most websites display just like the desktop version and iPhone specific sites are increasing. (Kelly Blue Book) With 3G now, download speeds are much faster. Speed on the EDGE network was my #1 complaint on the 1st Gen iPhone.

Overall this device almost has it all. The built-in camera could be improved. Battery life can be an issue for the heavy user, but I haven’t had a problem. Simple features such as cut & paste, video recording & MMS are still missing.  I can’t really complain because all the things this phone does do outweigh what it doesn’t. It’s just a matter of time that these features will be lacking, since Apple is always trying to improve it’s products.

Until something better comes out, I’ll remain an iPhone user. I’m extremely happy with the power of this device. I’m starting a series of how this device has saved me called iPhone To The Rescue.